Backtrack the Future

- and Ease the Pain of Writing an Essay!

Posted by Mattias Axell on September 19, 2015

What have I Done Today?

  • Backtracked the previous weeks.
  • Made a story visualization to ease backtracking and planning.
  • Had a good dinner with friends and went to a party.

Mound "Bonhög" with stone chamber tomb, Hammarlöv, Skåne, Sweden

What Tools have I Used?

  • Backtracking
  • Visualization
  • Dialogue

Rock carving, Frännarp, Skåne, Sweden

What Surprised Me?

  • How much I had done and how long it takes to backtrack that.

Double dolmen, Snarringe, Skåne, Sweden

What has Changed?

  • Realizing how much research there is left to do!
  • Changing strategy for research!
  • And archiving project progress!

One of two dolmens, Snarringe, Skåne, Sweden

What are the Next Action Steps?

  • Getting the backtracked data into the archival system for future reportwriting.
  • Starting to write the Concept Research Design.
  • Contact potential event collaborators!

One of two dolmens, Snarringe, Skåne, Sweden

Photographs by The Commons.