My Future,

- it's Full of Scenarios!

Posted by Mattias Axell on September 7, 2015

What have I Done Today?

Re-Designed some of this website, learning more about HTML, CSS, Git and Jekyll.

Had guidance with a member of staff. Very interesting talk.

Met up with a team mate I had not taken the opportunity to hang out with one-on-one during the previous two years which is absolutely crazy! Had a wonderful time with very valuable talks and exchange of thoughts!

“We must not see any person as an abstraction. Instead, we must see in every person a universe with its own secrets, with its own treasures, with its own sources of anguish, and with some measure of triumph.” - Elie Wiesel

Kepler's Supernova Remnant: A Star's Death Comes to Life

What Tools have I Used?

  • GitHub
  • Deep Listening (during guidance)
  • Storytelling

Wall Divides East and West Sides of Cosmic Metropolis: The largest region of star formation in the nearby galaxy M33.

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. - HAL, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

What Surprised Me?

How simple I have thought of combining the different concepts I might work with within a bigger concept for my third year. Thanks to guidance I realise I need to be more concrete visually and vocally with how I imagine different scenarios of how my third year might look.

The way that one can surprise oneself is truly fascinating. I find it extremely interesting how one can talk about doing something, knowing about how good it would be to do it. When actually doing it is so easy to realise how valuable it would have been to try it just a little bit earlier. And there are probably a lot of things one could say that for...

The suprises, depth and commonalities there in people that have been walking around for soon more than two years, and I still have not done much to explore it. That fascinates me. Connects very much with thought above.

The Eagle Nebula (M16): Peering Into the Pillars of Creation (A nearby star-forming region about 7,000 light years from Earth.)

Some dream to escape reality. Some dream to change reality forever. - Soichiro Honda

What has Changed?

The strategy on how to figure out of what to work with for this upcoming third year. The journey self-discovery still has to take place in a structured way but additionally it will help to figure out the scenarios to make sense and choose what to work with.

My thoughts on how I engage with people in my team and in groups of communities and friends I am. It is easy to get stuck in assumptions and self-created realities that only exists with in my part of the multiverse.

What are the Next Action Steps

Arches, Quintuplet, and GC Star Clusters: Rough and Crowded Neighborhood at Galactic Center

  • Definitely continue the application and get feedback on it. Did not get to it today, totally got off track, yet another example of how technology can colonize my conscious (what I just had a revalation about yesterday)…

  • Turn off all external disturbances when working on something important.

  • Eat,
  • Sleep,
  • Act,
  • Socialize,
  • Repeat!

NGC 3576: Massive Stars Revealed by Chandra

Photographs by The Commons.