What is Value and Impact

and how do you Design for Systemic Change?

Posted by Mattias Axell on September 11, 2015

What have I Done Today?

Had a good lecture by my team leader about Value & Impact which mentioned radical thinkers like Ivan Illich, Mannfred Max Neef and Donella Meadows.

Read in the Trust-book.

Engaged in a "hackathon" which I think is more of a design lab. I think I might be only one working on something completely digital. Will post the result here later.

"Interesting projects often have critics" - Peter Sims, Kaospilot

Solar System Montage of Voyager Images

What Tools have I Used?

  • Deep Listening
“School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.” ― Ivan Illich

What Surprised Me?

The great amount of interest to engage in the "hackathon" for refugees, which I am happy about.

“Speak the truth. Speak it loud and often, calmly but insistently, and speak it, as the Quakers say, to power. Material accumulation is not the purpose of human existence. All growth is not good. The environment is a necessity, not a luxury. There is such a thing as enough.” - Donella Meadows

NGC 3079 (A spiral galaxy about 55 million light years from Earth.)

What has Changed?

The importance of seeing that my research finds leverage points and places to do intervention is valuable and that my exam project supports it.

My confidence as learning how to be a "hacker" although I am just learning how to transform a website creates a lot of joy!

Exhibit at the First Symposium on Low Pollution Power Systems Development ..., 10/1973

What are the Next Action Steps?

  • Get the translation of the hackathon-project done.
  • Finish the Trust-book tomorrow.
  • Read the text for the lecture and upcoming week with the philosopher Andrew J. Taggart.

Photographs by The Commons.