The Present is Perfect

Posted by Mattias Axell on September 9, 2015

What have I Done Today?

Basically spent the whole day writing on the application to make it as clear as possible.

Had a good talk with a friend about work, free time and engagement in different projects. Catching up. Very good talk!

Got up to date with the potential collaboration I might venture into to use 'Heuristic Inquiry' as part of my exam project. Exciting...!

In the evening I have gotten a lot of feedback on the application. That was great for confidence and adding that last piece of engagement to finish it.

A person is a person because of people. - Zulu proverb

Sandsele, Lappland, Sweden

What Tools have I Used?

  • Chunking 5+/-2
  • Pomodoro Technique
  • The Power of Persuasion (Robert Caldini)(?)
There is only one time to be happy and that time is now. - Present Perfect, Evan Briggs (2015)

Wild pansies, Brunneby, Östergötland, Sweden

What Surprised Me?

How much energy I have in something as boxed-in, bureaucratic and old-school as a project application filling out boxes of text. It is a fascinating feeling how much commitment can take me through things I otherwise would consider extremely boring.

The compliment feedback I got on my project funding application for being very bureaucratic in my language. Does that mean that I cannot be considered an entrepreneur & innovator?

That so many people in my generation seem to be unfolding a higher consciousness toward what they do and work with is not aligned with how they want to live. I can see a lot of change happening just because of this change of attitude toward work and lifestyle.

That I got another person to join the habit-hacking service Habitica. It really makes sense to me and it is a lot of fun gamifying the Getting-Things-Done methodology.

Lake Smalsjön, Dalarna, Sweden

What has Changed?

The thought that there maybe is a big possibility that I use my third year exam project on what I will apply for funding with.

Realising that I am very keen on going into the free online Theory U course and exploring Heuristic Inquiry.

The feeling that I tomorrow will be free from constant writing to get project funding! I can see the light in the end of the tunnel, very much looking forward.

Stone Age settlement at Tisjölandet, Dalarna, Sweden

What are the Next Action Steps?

  • Spending last half-day to refine and finish the project funding application.
  • Enjoy the freedom of being done with project funding!
  • Talk with expert on Social Innovation in Sweden.
  • Start engaging in the Theory U course!

Lake Tisjön, Dalarna, Sweden

Photographs by The Commons.