Passing it Onwards

Enabling Learning over Generations

Posted by Mattias Axell on September 4, 2015

What Have I Done Today?

Half-finished my SWOT awaiting more input from peers based on the Hacked E-Myth entrepreneurial personalities.

Gotten in touch with organisers of a corporate event that might be of interest for my exam project. E-mailed an organiser of another large digital event to test my hypothesis and see if it is relevant to research.

Started created my an learning evaluation tool based on the idea of liminality. I want to shine light on who I was before Kaospilot, pre-liminality, what I was good at then, who I am now in the liminal transition and who I strive to be in the post-liminal stage.

Finished another Scope Wheel and did my first Scan Card! It goes fast when I just get to it!

Had to pleasure to finish off the day by sharing my learnings from doing process consulting with the next generation of students at Kaospilot.

“How beautiful can life be? We hardly dare imagine it.”- Charles Eisenstein

Rural Carrier Greeted by Children

What Tools have I Used?

  • Scope Wheel
  • S.W.O.T.
  • Core - Adjacent - Peripheral
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Coaching
  • Storytelling
“The world is on fire! Why am I sitting in front of my computer? It is because I don’t have a fire extinguisher for the world, and there isn’t a global 911 to call.” - Charles Eisenstein

Pakkeposten bringes ud

What Surprised Me?

  • My irreverence towards myself and my workflow. I have a hard time following through with one task at a time.
  • The revalation that the unplanned research process I am going through makes me progress slowly, one day at a time. This needs to be resolved soon!
  • That I learn from experience of my assignment at Kaospilot to do process consulting - just by talking about the experiences and doings!

What has Changed?

  • My thought on that throughout this Creative Research Design my life and research will take me to new places every day.
  • The attitude toward the engagement, reminding to base everything positive, fun, laughter and what gives me energy.
  • That I need to be spot on with how much I take on for this third year project and Why I do it.

“We are all here to contribute our gifts toward something greater than ourselves, and will never be content unless we are.” - Charles Eisenstein

Postmann med rosa brev

What are my Next Action Steps?

In this order:

  1. Applying for project funding as a pretotype
  2. Planning my Creative Research Design
  3. Figure out what I need to practice
  4. Making another Scope Wheel
  5. Doing my next 9 and further scan cards!

Photographs by The Commons.